Packing Material

  • Black Vacuum sealer rolls

    Black Vacuum sealer rolls

    As one of  the leading manufacture for vacuum sealer bag and rolls price ,high Boya can supply you the special black vacuum sealer rolls with quite competitive price an d low MOQ !

    These rolls are one side clear and the other side black . It is a very intentional design. The clear side let people able to look at what they sealed. Enjoy the beauty of their meats and vegetables, and they also can show off to their friends. And black side make these bags can protect from light degredation. Which can also help you with privacy .

    All our vacuum sealer bags work with all major brand vacuum sealers: Food Saver, Weston, Cabela’s, Seal-a-Meal, Ziploc & more…

  • Vacuum Sealer Bag and Rolls

    Vacuum Sealer Bag and Rolls

    Boya is the leading manufacture for vacuum sealer bag and rolls with a history of 20 years, low price ,high quality ,food grade,you can have all of this at Boya !

    Vacuum sealer bag also named as embossed vacuum bag is one of ours featured product ,with one side textured one side clear , Special textured surface, easily channels the air out of the bag to keep your food fresh and extend the shelf life, with textured vacuum bags you can enjoy fresh food even at home.

    Our vacuum sealer bags work with all major brand vacuum sealers: Food Saver, Weston, Cabela’s, Seal-a-Meal, Ziploc & more…

  • Tube Bag

    Tube Bag

    As one of the leading manufacture for flexible packaging in China ,Boya provide all range of bags and films with a wide broad applications .Not only for food packaging ,actually muti-layer co-exrruded film has many different structure ,with the change of one layer’s thickness it will be a different product for other application .For example ,Smell proof tube bag and film is one of our hot sale product ,produced by co-extruded technology with high barrier and different color.

    Anti-smell high barrier tube Bags are perfect for dirty smelly substance and also very useful for keeping herbs, tobacco, dry herbs. Boya’s anti-smell tube bags are durable and resistant. We have received a good reputation in Japan market .

  • Skin Film

    Skin Film

    Boya is a manufacture founded in 2018 ,devoted ourselves on new packaging material research ,skin film is one of our new product which have wonderful feedback on the market .We can provide a wide range of skin films with high transparency and gloss ,high puncture resistance , even rough and hard-edged product can be packaged and transported safely.

  • Lidding Film

    Lidding Film

    Boya -the leading manufacture for flexible packaging material in China provide a range of product with wide broad application .Our high performance Lidding films both lamination and co-extruded with perfect sealing properties can be matched with a different substrate including PE, PP, PS, PET, PVC, and Aluminium.

    You can have high barrier, medium barrier or no barrier. Our lidding films are available with ‘easy peel’, advanced sealing layers and anti-fog properties.

    For 9-layer PA / EVOH/PE and PE/EVOH/PE structure which adds an advanced barrier layer in lidding films that preserves product freshness and extends shelf life.

  • Vacuum Pouch

    Vacuum Pouch

    Boya is one professional manufacture in China, produce high quality bags and films for food packaging which can directly contact food with competitive price.We are also an innovative company committed to research on new packaging material.

    As one of the most efficient and commercial way to preserve food .Our vacuum pouches made with PA/PE and PA/EVOH/PE co-extrusion film ,customize different bag type for you like 3 side sealed ,2 side seal or tube bag .You can also add zipper and printing up to 10 colors.

    Whether you are looking for 2.5mil ,3mil,4mil,5mil standard barrier or high barrier vacuum pouch – we always have what you need !

  • Thermoforming film

    Thermoforming film

    Boya supply both water queening and cast film as bottom film for food packaging, which can works on all kinds of thermoforming machine, with optimal shelf-life for a variety of food packaging.Our market covers Aisa ,North America ,South America ,Australia,Europ,Middle east and South Africa .Boya expecting to become your long-term supplier by providing high quality products and professional service .

  • Shrink Bag and Film

    Shrink Bag and Film

    PVDC High-Barrier Bags, a new family of multilayer bags, provide a superior oxygen and moisture barrier. Which takes the sealing ability of high barrier bags to a whole new level.

    As one of the leading producer multilayer PVDC barrier shrink bag in China , Boya is using the advanced world technology to produce multilayer coextruded PVDC shrink bags. We’ve developed a unique formula which offers tight sealing, high resistance, excellent oxygen and water barrier, and outstanding gloss and clarity.

    Boya shrink bags meet the current requirements of FDA in food packaging materials. It is suitable for packaging both fresh and frozen meat/fish products with or without bones, cheese, etc. PB can be used for packaging both fresh food products for subsequent storage at 0~4 , ℃ and frozen food products for storage at -18~-40℃.

  • Air cusion film

    Air cusion film

    Air column bag which also called inflatable air bags is widely used on the transportation for some fragile product. It can give you perfect protect to your goods to make sure your customers get what they buy.

    Boya’s air column bags with the technology of cross-link which can stand higher temperature than normal air column bags .It’s specially designed to meet all packaging needs in different market .With Boya air column bags you can expand your business that need void fill and protect your products quickly and conveniently.

    Its flexible capabilities bridge the gap between traditional void fill and cushioning applications. You can create a column bag to fill any gaps and add a shock-absorbing layer of bubble wrap to every box. Air column packing provide superior protection compared to traditional shipping materials and also can be stored conveniently taking up a fraction of the space as peanuts and foam.